Department of Health and Human Services

Chapter 220:
Rules Relating to Radiation Protection

Provided by:
APA Office
Department of the Secretary of State (Maine)

This massive chapter, in Microsoft Word format, is divided into Parts:

Cover and History
Part A:
General Provisions
Part B:
Enforcement Actions, Procedures and Civil Penalties
Part C:
Licensing of Radioactive Material
Part D:
Standards for Protection Against Radiation
Part E:
Radiation Safety Requirements for Industrial Radiographic Operations
Part F:
X-Rays in the Healing Arts
Part G:
Use of Radionuclides in the Healing Arts
Part H:
Radiation Safety Requirements for Analytical X-Ray Equipment
Part I:
Radiation Safety Requirements for Particle Accelerators
Part J:
Notices, Instructions and Reports to Workers; Inspections
Part K:
Radiation Safety Requirements for Wireline Service Operations and Subsurface Tracer Studies
Part L:
Transportation of Radioactive Material
Part N:
Regulation and Licensing of Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (TENORM)
Part X:
Therapeutic Radiation Machines