Voter Registration Data, Election Data and Online Forms

The Secretary of State maintains a variety of electronic systems and data in order to provide election-related citizen services, enhance the accuracy and integrity of voter registration information, and promote efficiency in the management of elections. This page is intended to help make public data available in its raw format.

Statewide Absentee Voter List

The Statewide Absentee Voter Data File lists all absentee ballot requests in the State, reflects when these requests are fulfilled by the appropriate municipality, and indicates if and when ballots are returned.

Please note this report reflects data entered by municipal clerks, and thus may fail to include information received at the municipal level on the day the report is run. This report now includes all UOCAVA ballots requested and issued through the date listed below.

Municipalities Processing Absentee Ballots Prior to June 14, 2022

Municipalities Processing Absentee Ballots Prior to Election Day - PDF - Excel (Updated 6/8/2022)

Central Voter Registration System (CVR)

Voter Registration Cards

Statewide Registered and Enrolled Voters

The Statewide Registered and Enrolled Data File is a statistical report recording how many citizens are registered to vote, detailed to the county, municipality, voting districts and party level. For each election we post 2 files:  a count of only active voters and separately a count of only inactive voters.

Maine follows federal laws regarding voter list maintenance, specifically those found in the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).  Periodically, Maine undertakes a statewide effort to identify voters who have moved from the jurisdiction and mails the voters a notice as required by the NVRA, and updates the voter files based upon the responses or lack of responses received from the voters.  This activity must be completed more than 90 days before a federal election, so Maine generally conducts this statewide maintenance process during the odd-numbered years.  Maine intends to conduct such a process in 2022.