Proponent Information

Citizen Initiative Petitions

TITLE: “An Act To Limit the Governor’s Emergency Authority and Require Approval by a Two-thirds Votes of the Legislature To Extend a State of Emergency”

Harrison Kemp
261 N. Main Street, Apt. 5
Old Town, ME 04468
Phone: (207) 242-6896

TITLE:  Resolve, Directing the Development of Legislation Establishing a Publicly Funded System of Health Care Coverage for All Maine Residents

Lawrence D. Kaplan
1027 Sawyer Road
Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107
Phone: (617) 513-9083

TITLE: An Act To Require Legislative Approval of Certain Transmission Lines, Require Legislative Approval of Certain Transmission Lines and Facilities and Other Projects on Public Reserved Lands and Prohibit the Construction of Certain Transmission Lines in the Upper Kennebec Region

Thomas B. Saviello
60 Applegate Lane
Wilton, ME 04294
Phone: (207) 240-5496

TITLE: An Act Regarding Collective Bargaining Relating to Teachers

Grace E.D. Leavitt
2 Leavitt Road
Raymond, ME 04071
Phone: (207) 622-4418