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Corporate filings processing time is 60 - 65 business days.
To determine if your filing has been processed, please go to Corporate Search to do a corporate name lookup. When you are on the Information Summary page, you can see additional filing information by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting "view list of filings". Please note, that expedited corporate filing images may not be available for review and download until the following business day.


Title 10, Ch. 301-A: The Registration and Protection of Marks

Maine Marks Guide | Trade Name Protection | Interactive Corporate Services | Rules For Mark Registrations | Rules For The Use Of Expedited Services

Forms and Fees

  • This is a complete list of forms and filing fees for filing marks with the Division of Corporations.
  • All forms are provided in Acrobat (.PDF) format. If you wish to complete the forms on-screen, you need to download a version of the Adobe Reader by visiting the Adobe Website.  To use one of these fillable forms, simply complete on-screen, print and mail to our office together with the proper filing fee.
  • If you wish to save the completed form, you must have the full Adobe Acrobat package.

If you wish to pay for filing fees or other services offered by this Bureau with your credit card, you will be able to complete and return this "fillable" voucher with your request.

Credit Card Payment Voucher


Application for Registration of a Mark
Small Business Resources

$60.00 minimum fee

MARK 1A Mark Disclaimer

No Fee

MARK 2 Application for Renewal $60.00 minimum fee
MARK 3 Application for Amendment of the Classification of a Mark (Fee is $10 for each class affected.) $10.00
MARK 4 Application for Assignment of a Mark $40.00
MARK 5 Class Numbers for Marks No Fee
MARK 6 Voluntary Cancellation of Registration of Mark $10.00

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