Driver Privacy

Dear Maine Motorist,

We know that it is important to Maine citizens to keep the personal information that appears on their motor vehicle records confidential.

In order to ensure your privacy, the personal information on your motor vehicle records will not be provided to sales and marketing organizations, or the general public without your authorization.

There are many instances when your personal information may be released as allowed by law so please take a moment to review the information on this page.

Shenna Bellows
Secretary of State

What is personal information?

Personal information is information that identifies an individual, including name, address, license number, social security number, photograph or digital image.

Personal information does not include information about an individual's driving record, vehicle accidents, driving violations and driver's license and motor vehicle registration status. This information will continue to be available to the public as allowed by Maine's Freedom of Access law.

A motor vehicle record includes a driver's license, permit, motor vehicle title and registration and identification cards.

Who is allowed to receive my personal information?

Federal and state law allows personal information to be obtained in connection with vehicle safety, theft or emissions; driver safety; product recalls; and court proceedings by the following:

  • Law enforcement agencies

  • Insurance companies

  • Motor vehicle manufacturers

  • Businesses and employers to verify personal information

  • Towing companies to notify owners of towed vehicles

  • Private detective and security agencies

Additional protection for your photograph, social security number and medical and disability information.

Your photograph, digital image, social security number and medical and disability information may only be released in specific circumstances to government agencies, courts, and law enforcement; to insurance companies; to commercial vehicle employers; and for legal proceedings.

What do I need to do to protect my personal information on motor vehicle records from sales and marketing organizations and the general public?

Nothing. Maine law provides you this protection without your having to take any action.

How can I authorize the release of my personal information?

You may make specific or complete authorizations as follows:

Specific Releases:

You may authorize a specific individual or organization to obtain the personal information on your motor vehicle records, by completing a signed release. This requires you to provide a written and signed communication to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. This type of authorization may remain in effect for 12 months.

Opt-In Option:

You may also choose not to receive this automatic protection of your personal information by completing an opt-in' form available through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. By completing this form you are indicating that the personal information on your motor vehicle records may be provided to anyone at any time. To obtain an opt-in form please contact:

Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Driver License Services
29 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333
207-624-9000 Ext. 52114
e-mail at

Please click here for a copy of the The "Opt-in" Form.