Proving Maine Residency

In addition to legal presence, any resident seeking to acquire or renew a Maine driver license or Maine non-driver identification card will need to provide documentary evidence of Maine residency. This evidence must contain an actual physical address.

Please bring with you one form of evidence that you live in Maine. Applicants for REAL ID credentials must provide two documents to establish residency. Some specific examples are listed below. Note - this is not an all inclusive list:

  • Recent Maine Driver's License with a physical address
  • Maine Vehicle Registration or other credential
  • Utility Bill - electric bill, water/sewer bill, cell phone bill, etc.
  • Maine Resident Hunting and or Fishing License
  • Contract in their name - mortgage agreement, lease, insurance policy, insurance ID card, SR22
  • Tax bill
  • Document issued by a government entity
  • Tax return
  • Paycheck stub
  • W-2
  • Conditional order of restoration

Exemptions from providing documentary evidence of Maine residency

  1. A person who is not a resident that proves they are on active duty in the US Armed Forces.
  2. The spouse or child of a person that is not a resident that has proven they are on active duty in the US Armed Forces.
  3. An out-of-state resident who is a student enrolled in a university, college or school within Maine.

An applicant must provide proof that they qualify for the exemption including an out-of-state residential address. Some examples of proof are:

  • Certified school record/transcript issued by an educational institution in Maine
  • College ID card with no visible signs of irregularity issued by a college or university in Maine
  • Form DS2019 issued to a J-1 scholar (issued and signed by a school in Maine)
  • Military dependent ID card
  • Military ID
  • Military service location orders

Affidavits may be submitted if you are unable to provide documents that contain an actual physical address

A person that can not provide acceptable evidence but resides in Maine or is domiciled in Maine may submit affidavits from 2 individuals who have knowledge of the person and the person's residence or domicile which may include a shelter in Maine.

If the applicant is a minor, only one affidavit is required if it is signed by the applicant's parent or guardian.

If an affidavit is used it must be the one provided by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. If you would like an affidavit mailed to you, please contact us at Bureau of Motor Vehicles, License Services, 29 State House Station, Augusta, Maine, 04333-0029 or 207-624-9000 Extension 52114 (TTY Users Call Maine relay 711). The affidavit may also be obtained at any of our branch offices.