License and Examination Fees

Examination Fees

Class C and Motorcycle Permit Examination (Written Test)


Class A, B & C Commercial Driver's License Examination


Each Endorsement


Initial License and Renewal Fees

Class C - Under Age 65 - 6 year license


Class C - Age 65 or Older - 4 Year License


Commercial License - Under Age 65 - 5 year license


Commercial License - Age 65 or Older - 4 Year License


Fees for Converting an Out of State License
Note: You should include with your application a photocopy of both the front and back of your out of state license

Converting a Class C license from another state
Converting a Motorcycle license

$35.00 application fee plus $30.00 license fee
$35.00 application fee

Converting Commercial Driver's License

$70.00 application fee plus $34.00 licensing fee plus any endorsement fees