New drivers earn their driver's license by completing the written exam, vision screening and the road test. Being prepared and knowing what to expect will help you succeed in earning your driver's license, so be sure to use the study guide and take the time allotted by your driver's permit to build up your confidence logging driving hours with an experienced operator.

Anyone applying for a first license, or anyone changing their license classification must take the exams, but the written test and road test may be waived if you currently hold a valid out-of-State license. You must obtain a new Maine license within 30 days of becoming a resident of the State of Maine. Visit our "New Resident" page for all the information you'll need to complete the process. If you have additional questions, call the Examination Section at (207) 624-9000 ext. 52119 or by email at Examinations.BMV@maine.gov.

Severe Weather Guidance
In the event that state offices are closed for the day or have a delayed opening/early closure due to severe weather, all written and road exams scheduled for the period when offices are closed will be automatically rescheduled at no fee and a new appointment notice with the new date and time will be mailed out. If state offices are open during a weather event and you are unable to travel to your exam site due to the weather, please call the Bureau of Motor Vehicles during normal business hours to cancel your exam. There is no rescheduling fee for exams that you cancel prior to the exam time due to weather conditions. Call (207) 624-9000 ext. 52119 for non-commercial exams and (207) 624-9000 ext. 52122 for commercial exams. If you have questions or concerns about a cancelation due to a state office closure, you may call these same numbers after state offices reopen.

What to Expect During the State of Maine Class C License Road Test


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Vision Test Information

A vision test is required of all applicants. You may take a vision test at no fee when you appear for your written examination. Alternatively, you may have a doctor of your choice provide the exam at your expense and fill out the exam form. You will need to give the completed form to the driver's license examiner at the time of your driver's examination.

Written Test Information

The knowledge test consists of 30 questions and you must answer a minimum of 24 correctly to pass the test. Questions will cover several topic areas, including your understanding of the rules of the road, the meaning of various signs, pedestrian and bicycle safety, an awareness of Maine' s operating under the influence laws and the dangers associated with distracted driving. The practice questions at the end of each chapter of the study guide will aid you in your preparation for the written examination.

Road Test Information

What Is A Road Test?

A driver's license examiner will assess your ability to maintain control of your vehicle at all times, whether it be driving forward or backwards, maintaining your proper lane position, turning left or right or driving straight ahead during your road test. You will also be judged on how well you observe and react to other drivers and pedestrians, as well as traffic signs, signals and conditions. The test includes a parallel parking and straight-line backing up requirement
Note: The road test will not be given until all other tests have been successfully completed, and permit requirements met.

How Do I Schedule A Road Test?

When you are ready to take the road test, mail the road test request card, which can be located on the reverse side of your learner’s permit, to the main office of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, 29 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0029. If you are under the age of 21 you must submit a completed driving log instead of the road test request card. You will be scheduled at the testing location nearest to you. Be sure you have your learner's permit and the exam appointment notice ready with you when you arrive for your test.

What Happens After the Tests are Completed?

If you pass your road test, the BMV staff will issue you a temporary license and we'll make sure you have all the information you need about being a first-time license holder, as well as instructions on how to obtain your photo license. If you do not qualify for your license, we will give you information about why you were not successful and what you need to practice before your next test. We will also give you a receipt to send in, to request your next test.

The department's rules regarding the driver license examination are available online or by request. For a copy, please contact the the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, State House Station 29, Augusta, Maine 04333, by phone at (207) 624-9000 ext. 52119 or by email at Examinations.BMV@maine.gov.