Dealer License Requirements

Facilities and Personnel: Requirements are a display area for vehicles being handled, a repair department for the repair of two vehicles simultaneously, sufficient tools and equipment for servicing the vehicles, at least one mechanic and a suitable office in which business can be conducted.

Record of Vehicles: A dealer shall complete and maintain, for a period of not less than five years after the date of transaction, a record of the purchase or sale of a vehicle. The record must describe the vehicle, year, make, model, VIN, new or used, the name and address of the purchaser and name and address from whom he obtained the vehicle, current mileage, and any warrant or disclosure statement. All records must be available for inspection during the dealer business hours by the Secretary of State, the Office of the Attorney General or authorized members of law enforcement agencies. A dealer shall maintain a current record of all sales representatives and full-time employees. All vehicles offered for sale must display a written vehicle history statement.

Dealer Licenses: Must specify the business locations occupied by the licensee in conducting business. The license must be displayed at each location. The license expires on the last day of the month, one year from the issuance.

Vehicle and Equipment Dealer Plates: May be used for the direct purposes of buying, selling, testing, adjusting, servicing, demonstrating or exchanging the vehicle, including use by a full time employee to attend schools and seminars designed to assist the employee in the testing, adjusting or servicing of vehicles. There may be no more than one dealer plate for the personal use of the manufacturer or dealer and one dealer plate for the personal use of the immediate family of the dealer. Plates may be used on a vehicle in a funeral or public parade when no charge is made for that use. Any full-time sales representative, general manager, sales manager or service manager who is on the dealer's payroll may have personal use of a plate. Customers' demonstration use cannot exceed seven days. These plates carry a 10,000 pound weight limitation unless the vehicle, by design, exceeds 10,000 pounds without a load.

A service vehicle plate may be issued to a dealer to be used only in direct connection with the licensee's business. A dealer may attach a service vehicle plate to a vehicle used for the service or repair of vehicles sold or being repaired by the dealer. A service vehicle plate cannot be used on a vehicle used to deliver parts to individuals or businesses that are not owned by the licensee. A dealer is not entitled to more than three service vehicle plates at each established place of business.

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