All for-hire motor carriers transporting property or passengers and motor private carriers transporting property who are required to register with the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), as well as brokers, freight forwarders, and leasing companies are subject to the UCRA. Entities subject to UCRA are required to register annually and pay UCR fees at the time of registration. The annual registration year for UCR runs from January to December.

The only entities not subject to the UCRA are motor private carriers transporting only passengers and purely intrastate carriers, that is, those carriers that do not handle interstate freight or make interstate movements.

Fee information is based upon information provided on the Unified Carrier Registration Application. The UCRA is a base-state agreement, under which a UCR registrant pays UCR fees through the base state on behalf of all the 41 states participating in the UCRA. A UCR registrant must select a base state at the time of initial registration. All UCR registrants with a principal place of business in Maine must use Maine as their base state. Registrants that do not have their principal place of business in Maine should refer to the UCR Application Instruction Sheet, at the link provided at the bottom of this page, for guidance on selecting a base state.

UCR fees for motor carriers transporting property or passengers and motor private carriers transporting property are based solely on the total number of commercial motor vehicles operated. The UCR Fee Schedule contains six graduated fee brackets where each bracket corresponds to a range of total vehicles (for example: 0-2, 3-5, etc.). The UCR fees for brokers, freight forwarders (not operating commercial motor vehicles), and leasing companies are levied at the lowest fee bracket. The current fee schedule appears below.


(Self-propelled units only)

2022 FEE

2023 FEE

From 0 to 2 vehicles:

$59.00 $41.00

From 3 to 5 vehicles:

$176.00 $121.00

From 6 to 20 vehicles:

$351.00 $242.00

From 21 to 100 vehicles:

$1,224.00 $844.00

From 101 to 1,001 vehicles:

$5,835.00 $4,024.00

From 1,001 or more vehicles:

$56,977.00 $39,289.00

The revenue generated by the UCR program is used for motor carrier safety programs and enforcement.

Maine UCR renewal registrations are processed in the last quarter of the calendar year immediately preceding the UCR registration year. UCR registrations are considered to be timely filed when the application and the correct UCR fee have been submitted to and accepted by the base state prior to the start of the UCR registration year. To ensure a timely filing it is highly recommended that UCR registrants based in Maine complete their registration online at www.ucr.gov.

Registrants may also submit their registration by mail, fax or in person to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Office of Motor Carrier Services. The UCR Application and Application Instruction Sheet as well as other UCR information may be downloaded using the links provided at the bottom of this page. Applications and payments sent by mail should be addressed to:

Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Motor Carrier Services - UCR
29 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0029

Applications may also be faxed to: (207) 622-5332; the faxed application must be accompanied by credit card authorization form.

The five UCR registrant classifications can be defined as follows:

Motor carrier - means a person providing motor vehicle transportation for compensation.

Motor private carrier - means a person who provides interstate transportation of property in order to support its primary line of business

Broker - means a person, other than a motor carrier, who sells or arranges for transportation by a motor carrier for compensation

Freight forwarder - means a person, who arranges for truck transportation of cargo belonging to others, utilizing for-hire carriers to provide the actual truck transportation, and also performs or provides for assembling, consolidating, break-bulk and distribution of shipments and assumes responsibility for transportation from place of receipt to destination

Leasing company - means a person or company engaged in the business of leasing or renting for compensation motor vehicles they own without drivers to a motor carrier, motor private carrier, or freight forwarder

For complete information regarding the administration of the UCRA in Maine, please refer to the Department of the Secretary of State
Rule Chapter 171.

For additional UCR information, please visit the Unified Carrier Registration Plan website.

For assistance determining if you are required to file UCR or not, please visit the Decision Tree website and answer the questions.

To contact the Bureau of Motor Vehicles regarding the UCR program, please call the Operating Authority Unit at (207) 624-9000 Ext. 52131. Questions or comments can be sent to: ucr@maine.gov

2023 UCR Application (.pdf) 2022 UCR Application (.pdf)
UCR Application Instructions 2023 (.pdf) UCR Application Instructions 2022 (.pdf)
UCR 1 Form (.pdf)
UCR 2 Form (.pdf)
Instructions UCR 1 Form (.pdf)
Instructions UCR 2 Form (.pdf)

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