53 Foot Trailer Permits

As of January 1st, 2004:

53 foot trailer permits are no longer required.

As of March 8th, 2006:

Vehicles that are not over 74 feet in overall length, with semitrailers between 48 and 53 feet long, may now be operated on all highways in Maine.
Vehicles that exceed 74 feet in length may operate only on the follow roads and within 1 mile of these roads:

  • The Maine Interstate Highway System (including the Maine Turnpike).
  • Scarborough Connector from I-295 in South Portland to US Route 1 in South Portland.
  • South Portland Spur (SH 703) from I-95 in South Portland to US Route 1 in South Portland.
  • US Route 1 from I-95 in Brunswick to Congress Street interchange in Bath.

Additionally, 53 foot trailers are subject to the following conditions:

  • The kingpin to center of rearmost axle distance may not exceed 43 feet.
  • Kingpin setback may not exceed 3 1/2 feet.
  • Rear overhang may not exceed 35% of the semitrailer wheelbase.
  • Semitrailer must be equipped with a rear under-ride guard.
  • Lighting must meet or exceed Federal standards.
  • Semitrailer must be equipped with a conspicuous wide-turn sign.
  • When traveling off the National Network (as listed above), the overall length may not exceed 74 feet.

For further information please reference 29A MRSA, Section 2390.