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Minimum Standards Training

Other State Employee Records Management Training

  • Managing Electronic Records Jan. 2021 (pdf, 895 kb) - Gives information on the following: electronic records and retention schedules; email and social media retention; scanning; electronic management systems; standards for electronic management; electronic record planning and preservation; technical aspects; and Maine State Archives programs.
  • State General Schedules April 2023 (pps with audio, 42,634 kb) - Gives an explanation of the State GS and how state employees can use them to manage their records. Alternative pdf format
  • State Records Center April 2023 (pps with audio, 98,980 kb) - Gives overview of the processes and procedures of the Maine State Records Center (including transmittal and retrieval of records). Alternative pdf format (NOTE - additional presenter notes are available on each slide; click lefthand corner for pop-up notes; click again to close and move to next slide)
  • Records Retention and Writing Schedules April 2023 (pps with audio, 61,650 kb) - Provides an explanation of the importance of retention schedules, how to determine retention periods and the schedule process. Alternative pdf format

Training for Legislators / Public Officials

Training from the National Archives


Basic Records Information

Conducting a Records Inventory and Writing Schedules

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