State Agency Schedules

Below are printable (PDF) listings of State Agency and other schedules. They will be updated periodically. If you require the Schedules in a different format, need a more recent version or require a printout for a specific unit within the Department, please contact Records Management and they will be emailed to you.

These retention schedules apply to records regardless of their physical format. Therefore, records created or maintained in electronic format would also fall under these guidelines and must adhere to the minimum retention requirements of these schedules. (For example: any schedules written for "correspondence" could pertain to either paper, email or other electronic documents.)

Last update January 2021 (If Series Reports have a prior date, it means no changes have been made to the schedules since that time.)

Agency Schedules Additional Information
Administrative and Financial Services (18) DAFS Schedules

Includes: Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages & Lottery Operations; Bureau of Human Resources; Bureau of Real Estate Management; Bureau of the Budget; Central Motor Pool; Data Processing; Employee Health and Benefits; Employee Relations; Financial & Personnel Services; Geographic Information Systems; Maine Board of Tax Appeals; Maine Revenue Services; Office of Information Technology; Office of the State Controller; Purchases; Risk Management; State Claims Commission

Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (1) ACF Schedules

Includes: Bureau of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources; Bureau of Forestry; Bureau of Parks and Lands; Bureau of Resource Information/Land Use Planning; Commissioner's Office; Maine State Harness Racing Commission; Office of State Horticulturalist

Attorney General (26) AG Schedules

Includes: Attorney General's Office; Chief Medical Examiner; Victims' Compensation Board

Behavioral and Development Services (14) BDS Schedules

Includes: Office of Advocacy; Children with Special Needs; Community Support Systems; Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center; Mental Health; Pineland Center; Riverview Psychiatric Center; Office of Substance Abuse

Conservation (4) Conservation Schedules

Part of ACF Schedules

Corrections (3) Corrections Schedules

Includes: Juvenile Corrections; Long Creek Youth Development Center; Maine Correctional Center; Maine State Prison; Mountain View Youth Development Center; Office of Victim Services; Probation and Parole

Defense, Veterans, and Emergency Management (15) DVEM Schedules

Includes: Maine Emergency Management Agency; Military Bureau; Veterans Services

Economic and Community Development (19) DECD Schedules

Includes: Business Development; Community Development; Maine State Film Commission; Office of Tourism

Education (5) DOE Schedules

Includes: Leadership Team; Magnet Schools; Certification; Office of the Commissioner; Special Services; School Finance and Operations; Higher Education and Educator Support Services; Inactive Programs and Accounts; Learning Systems; Management Information Systems Team; Support Services Team; Education Unorganized Territory; Maine Commission for Community Service; Facilities, Safety and Transportation; Applied Technology & Adult Learning; Governor Baxter School for the Deaf

Environmental Protection (6) DEP Schedules

Includes: Air Quality; Land & Water Quality; Remediation & Waste Management; Solid Waste Management; Office of the Commissioner; Board of Environmental Protection

Executive (7) Executive Schedules

Includes: Child Welfare Services Ombudsman; Community Services; Office of Energy Resources; Office of the Governor; Office of Policy and Management; Public Advocate; State Development Office

Human Services (10) DHHS Schedules

Includes: Disease Control & Prevention; Family Independence; MaineCare Services; Environmental Health; Population Health; Finance; Health Planning & Development; Health Promotion and Education; District Operations; Office of Programs; Infectious Disease; Interdepartmental Committee; Health & Environmental Testing Laboratory; Disability Determination Services; Office of Aging & Disability Services; Child and Family Services; Dental Health; Dental Health Council; Division of Community Services; Elder and Adult Services; Environmental Health Advisory Committee; Public Health Nursing; Scientific Advisory Panel; Office of Vital Statistics

Independent Agencies (90) Independent 90 Schedules

Includes: Maine Health Data Organization; State Board of Education; State Charter School Commission; Workers Compensation Board

Independent Agencies (94) Independent 94 Schedules

Includes: Baxter State Park Authority; Finance Authority of Maine; Gov. Ethics & Election Practices Comm.; Historic Preservation; Human Rights Commission; Kim Wallace Adaptive Loan Program; Maine Arts Commission; Maine Municipal Bond Bank; Maine State Library; Maine State Museum; Maine State Retirement System; Me. Health & Higher Educ. Facilities; State Board of Property Tax Review

Independent Agencies (99) Independent 99 Schedules

Includes: Maine State Housing Authority

Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (9) IF&W Schedules

Includes: Administrative Services; Public Information & Education; Resource Management; Warden Service

Labor (12) Labor Schedules

Includes: Twelve County Service Delivery Area; Employment & Training Programs; Administrative Hearings; Blind & Visually Impaired; Bureau of Employment Services; Bureau of Labor Standards; Bureau of Rehabilitation Services; Bureau of Unemployment Compensation; Office of the Commissioner; Adv. Committee for Div. of Deafness; Maine Labor Relations Board; Maine Occupational Inf. Coord. Comm.; Unemployment Insurance Commission

Legislature (30) Legislature Schedules

Includes: Exec. Director of Legislative Council; House of Representatives; Law and Legislative Reference Library; Legislative Council; Office of Fiscal & Program Review; Office of Policy & Legal Analysis; Office of Legislative Information Services; Legislature; Senate

Marine Resources (13) DMR Schedules

Includes: Administrative Services; Community Resource Development; Marine Patrol; Bureau of Marine Science; Bureau of Public Health; Resource Management Stock Enhancement Division; Advisory Council

Office of the State Auditor (27) Audit Schedules

Includes: Unorganized Territory

Professional and Financial Regulation (2) PFR Schedules

Includes: Administrative Services; Barbering & Cosmetology Program; Board of Dental Examiners; Board of Licensure in Medicine; Board of Osteopathic Licensure; Board of Regulation for Professional Engineers; Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection; Elevator and Tramway Safety Program; Financial Institutions; Insurance; Maine State Board of Nursing; Maine State Board of Optometry; Manufactured Housing Board; Office of Professional and Occupational Regulation; Securities Division

Public Safety (16) MPS Schedules

Includes: Capitol Police; Bureau of Consolidated Emergency Communications; Emergency Medical Services; Gambling Control Unit; Highway Safety; Maine Criminal Justice Academy; Maine Drug Enforcement Agency; ME Criminal Justice Academy Trustees Bd.; State Fire Marshal; State Police

Public Utilities Commission (65) PUC Schedules
Secretary of State (29) SOS Schedules

Includes: Motor Vehicle; Corporations Elections Commissions; Maine State Archives

Transportation (17) DOT Schedules

Includes: Internal Audit; Environmental Services; Legal Services; Policy Analysis; Finance & Administration; Maintenance & Operations; State Pilotage Commission; Planning; Project Development; Transportation Services

Treasury (28) Treasury Schedules

Includes: Banking; Cash Management Improvement Act