Health and Life Plan Year Checklists

All Rate and Form Filings submitted to the Bureau of Insurance for review must be accompanied by the appropriate rate and/or form review checklists for the product being submitted.  The checklists must be completed and must reference, for each requirement on the checklist, the location (i.e. form, page number, paragraph, etc.) of each standard in the filing.

If you have any questions about the Health and Life checklists, please contact Kim Jalbert, Insurance Contract Examiner, at Kimberly.Jalbert@maine.govor call 207-624-8402.

2024 Plan Year QHP & SADP Requirements Checklists

Please review the SERFF General Instructions page and Plan Management General Instructions Page on SERFF as they have been updated for 2023 plan submissions.


New Legislation from the 131st Legislature.

QHP Forms

SADP Forms


The documents on this page are also available in hard copy by contacting the Bureau.