Home: The Story of Maine

7 programs - 30 min. each ; 4-12 ; Environment, History, Maine Studies, Native Americans, Social Studies ; Produced by: MPBN

HOME: The Story of Maine explores the unique heritage of Maine through an on-going series that documents the state's rich history. For complete descriptions go the the Home website: https://www.mpbn.net/homestom/index.html

  1. A Place Apart (The image of Maine)
  2. A Part of the Main (European Settlement and natural resources
  3. They Came By Sea
  4. A Love for the Land (Agriculture)
  5. The Nation's Playground (Tourism)
  6. Trails, Rails & Roads (Transportation)
  7. Power Lines (Electricity)
  8. People of the Dawn (Native Americans)
  9. Rolling Back the Frontier (1600's)
  10. The Frontier Wars
  11. The Penobscot Expedition and the Revolution
  12. Land of Liberty
  13. Struggle for Identity