Our Team

Hannah Pingree

Hannah Pingree, Director

Hannah Pingree was appointed to lead Governor Mills' Office of Policy Innovation and the Future in January 2019. Hannah previously served as Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives from 2008 to 2010. She also served as the Maine House Majority Leader, Chair of the Committee on Health and Human Services, and as a member of the Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs during her terms in Maine Legislature from 2002 - 2010. More.


Anthony Ronzio

Anthony Ronzio, Deputy Director

Anthony Ronzio (Tony) leads GOPIF's strategic communications and public affairs efforts to support of its signature policy intiatives. Before joining GOPIF, Tony led digital strategy at Colby College and was an accomplished journalist and executive at several prominent Maine news outlets, where his teams consistently earned state, regional and national recognition for digital innovation and excellence. More.


Sarah Curran

Sarah Curran, Deputy Director

Sarah Curran leads GOPIF's climate policy planning and climate-related programs to support Maine communities. Sarah has extensive community and economic development experience working with Maine communities and non-profit organizations. Prior to GOPIF, she served as Program Director for Forest Opportunity Roadmap (FOR/Maine), a collaborative effort by industry and community stakeholders to strengthen and grow Maine’s forest products industry and reinvest in rural communities impacted by recent mill closures.  More.


Opioid Response

Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith, Director of Opioid Response

Gordon H. Smith, Esq. was appointed by Governor Janet Mills as Director of Opioid Response in January 2019. He is responsible for coordinating and directing Maine’s response to the opioid crisis, including prescriber education and reduction of opioid prescribing, prevention and treatment of substance use disorder, and harm reduction strategies. More.



Photo of Greg Payne

Greg Payne

Senior Advisor, Housing Policy 

Climate Policy & Planning 

Photo of Brian Ambrette

Brian Ambrette

Senior Climate Resilience Coordinator

Photo of Jessica Scott

Jessica Scott

Senior Climate Advisor

Photo of Taylor LaBrecque

Taylor LaBrecque

Senior Planner, Transportation Climate Coordinator

Photo of Ashley Krulik

Ashley Krulik

Community Resilience Partnership Program Manager

Photo of Amalia Siegel

Amalia Siegel

Maine Climate Council Coordinator

Photo of Abigail Hayne

Abigail Hayne

Youth Climate Engagement Fellow 

Photo of Margaret Kelly-Boyd

Margaret Kelly-Boyd

Natural Resources Climate Policy Advisor

Photo of Megan Mansfield-Pryor

Megan Mansfield-Pryor

Waste Management Climate Policy Advisor

Photo of Casey Zorn

Casey Zorn

Lead By Example Project Coordinator

Photo of Hannah Silverfine

Hannah Silverfine

Climate Risk Management Project Coordinator

Human Services 

Photo of Ana Hicks

Ana Hicks

Policy Director, Human Services

Photo of Elizabeth Gattine

Elizabeth Gattine

Senior Policy Advisor & Cabinet on Aging Coordinator

Photo of Sydney Brown

Sydney Brown

Senior Anti-Hunger Policy Advisor

Economy and Workforce 

Photo of Scott Kleiman

Scott Kleiman

Policy Director, Economy and Workforce

Photo of Erica Harris

Erica Carley Harris

Policy Analyst, Workforce 

Photo of Dan Matz

Daniel Matz

Policy and Data Analyst, Economy and Infrastructure


Photo of Jenna Pfueller

Jenna Pfueller

GOPIF Communications Manager