Our Team

Photo of Hannah Pingree

Hannah Pingree

Director of GOPIF

Photo of Anthony Ronzio

Anthony Ronzio

Deputy Director, GOPIF

Photo of Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith

Director of Opioid Response

Photo of Sarah Curran

Sarah Curran

Deputy Director, Climate Planning & Community Partnerships

Photo of Jessica Scott

Jessica Scott

Senior Climate Advisor

Photo of Brian Ambrette

Brian Ambrette

Senior Climate Resilience Coordinator

Photo of Taylor LaBrecque

Taylor LaBrecque

Senior Planner, Transportation Climate Coordinator

Photo of Cassaundra Rose

Cassaundra Rose

Senior Science Analyst & Climate Council Coordinator

Photo of Ana Hicks

Ana Hicks

Senior Policy Analyst & Children’s Cabinet Coordinator

Photo of Maria Millard Povec

Maria Millard Povec

Senior Policy Analyst for Workforce & Education

Photo of Brian Hubbell

Brian Hubbell

Senior Policy Advisor, Legislative and Federal Engagement

Photo of Greg Payne

Greg Payne

Senior Advisor, Housing Policy