Operational Bulletin on EMS Personnel Reporting Rule

Maine EMS has released a clinical bulletin regarding the April 22, 2020 EMS Personnel Reporting Rule.  The bulletin and rule can be found on the COVID-19 Resource Page, the Clinical & Operational Bulletin Page, or beneath the summary below. 

Summary of Emergency Rule

Pursuant to 22 MRS chapter 250, the Department is authorized to implement rules to require entities to report information related to public health emergency preparedness and responsiveness in the event of a potential or actual public health emergency. This rule establishes requirements of a uniform system of reporting information related to emergency medical service (EMS) system personnel capacity to respond to cases or suspected cases of notifiable diseases or conditions, or declared public health threat and further the coordination and integration of activities and resources related to emergency medical services to inform the overall planning, evaluation, coordination, facilitation and operation of emergency medical services systems, including personnel. This rule permits the collection of information specific to EMS responders, emergency medical transportation service providers and emergency medical dispatchers who have been temporarily removed from service due to exposure or potential exposure to a notifiable disease, or signs or symptoms of a notifiable condition. Reports will be used for public health purposes and will inform decisions regarding EMS workforce capacity as a key element of a comprehensive and effective emergency medical services system that ensures optimum patient care.

2020-04-23-01 Reporting EMS Clinician and Dispatcher Information to Maine CDC (PDF) (4/23/2020)