Supervision, Monitoring, and Support - Monitoring Process

Office of Special Services & Inclusive Education

Monitoring Process

  1. Desk Audit Submission: Documents are submitted by December 1 to the Maine DOE for evaluation.  

  2. Self Assessment: Districts complete Self Assessment form by December 1. 

  3. Site Visit: The team will come onsite in the spring to verify information reviewed as part of the Self Assessment.  Date of onsite visit is included in the Letter of Notification and Instruction.

  4. Next Steps:
    1.  Pre-findings and Disability Alignment, if applicable, correction within 30 days.
    2. Summary of Findings  and Corrective Action Plan 
      1. Issued on April 30 for site visits January through March.
      2. Issued on June 30 for site visits April through May.
    3. CAP Specific training and support as needed throughout the year.

Federal Regulations dictate correction of each instance of noncompliance as soon as possible but in no case longer than one year. (OSEP Q&A 23-01)

Please note that the process varies for Communities Without Schools (CWS) and Regional Programs.  Please see Monitoring Timeline and Resources for more information.