Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF)


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2020-09-03 Allocation Preliminary Funding Allocations
2020-09-03 Allocation Affirmation Form
2020-09-22 Allocation Application Preview
2020-09-22 Allocation Day Programming Application Preview
2020-09-25 Allocation Preliminary Funding Allocations Round 2
2020-09-30 Allocation CRF #2 Application Preview
2021-01-13 Allocation Funding Summary
2021-05-20 Allocation Invoice Timeline
2020-11-25 Budget & Invoices Budget and Invoice Template
2020-08-04 Budget & Invoices Budget and Invoice Instructions
2020-09-28 Budget & Invoices Invoice Instructions
2020-11-06 Budget & Invoices CRF #2 Invoice Instructions
2020-11-08 Budget & Invoices Day Programming Budget and Invoice Instructions
2020-09-11 Budget & Invoices Day Programming Budget and Invoice Template
2021-01-12 Guidance FAQs
2020-09-02 Guidance Office Hours - Reimbursement
2020-10-22 Guidance Maine CRF FAQs
2020-09-02 Guidance Maine CRF Adult Education FAQs
2021-01-15 Guidance U.S. Treasury CRF FAQs
2020-09-02 Guidance U.S. Treasury CRF Guidance
2021-01-13 Guidance Day Programming FAQ
2020-09-16 Guidance Budget Modification
2020-09-16 Guidance Modified Stipend Time & Effort
2020-11-23 Guidance Preparing the CRF Invoice
2021-04-02 Guidance Maine CRF Commitment Report


Contact Information

Shelly Chasse-Johndro

Director, Office of Federal Emergency Relief Programs

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Karen Kusiak

CARES, CRRSA, and CRF Coordinator

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