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Notice: The Subsurface Wastewater Team no longer provides CAD versions of our forms.

New HHE-200A Form for Tanks Only

We are pleased to introduce the HHE-200A permit application form.  This new alternate HHE-200 is to be used for the direct replacement of septic tanks with setbacks met per Subsurface Wastewater Rules.  Going forward, whenever a septic tank needs to be replaced because it is leaking and unrepairable, is the wrong size, or simply requires updating, this form should be used as long as no other components are needed for the direct replacement of a septic tank.  

The HHE-200A permit application is intended for a single replacement tank only.  Applications for all other disposal system configurations and components must be completed on the standard HHE-200.  The new permit application should not be used in conjunction with a standard HHE-200; if a replacement tank is required as part of a larger disposal system design, it must be incorporated in a design detailed on a standard HHE-200.

Data fields on the HHE-200A are relevant to most tank replacement applications.  When filling out an HHE-200A, please be sure to address every field; nothing should be left blank.  Blank fields could render the document incomplete or invalid and subject to return to the issuing Town office for completion.

Tank locations may be changed by the Local Plumbing Inspector per sec. 5A(4)(7) of the Subsurface Wastewater Rules.

Blank copies of the HHE-200A are attached to this email (linked below. One is an ‘e-form’, to be filled out on a computer; the other is intended to be printed and completed by hand.  Please discontinue use of the standard HHE-200 form for tank replacements as soon as possible.  All applications for single replacement tanks should be on the HHE-200A by July 1, 2020. 

For assistance, please contact the Subsurface Wastewater program: phone (207) 287-2070 or email

HHE-200A Printable PDF         HHE-200A Fillable PDF

MS Word Files

Notice of Permit for use when a suburface wastewater system permit is issued.

Variance Request Form HHE-204 Form

Personal Reference Form for S.E. Exam HHE-217 Form

Product Registration HHE-221 Form (Word)

Holding Tank Application HHE-233 Form

Notice of Intent to Install a Subsurface Wastewater Disposal System...Expanded Structure HHE-234

Minimum Lot Size Law Waiver Application HHE-236

Statement of Rule Compliance HHE-238A

Affidavit of Site Preparation HHE-238B

Certificates of Approval HHE-239

Holding Tank Deed Covenant HHE-300

Pre-Treatment Maintenance Agreement HHE-300

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Adobe PDF Files

Inspection Checklist for LPIs

HHE-200 Form, Page 1

HHE-200 Form, Page 1 (fillable PDF version). You may fill out the form online and print directly from your web browser or Adobe Acrobat, or save it to your computer.

HHE-200 Form, Page 2

HHE-200 Form, Page 2 (no grid)

HHE-200 Form, Page 2 with extra soil logs

HHE-200 Form, Page 3

HHE-200 Form, Page 3 (no grid)

Variance Request Form HHE-204 Form

Internal Plumbing Permit Application HHE-211 Form for printing blank forms

Internal Plumbing Permit Application, HHE-211 Form Fillable PDF

This is a ‘fillable’ PDF form which can be printed and completed by hand or filled-in using your computer.  To use on your computer, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Download the blank form and save it to your computer, either on your desktop or in a folder you can easily access
  2. Each time a new permit is issued, open the blank form at its location on your computer
  3. ‘Save As’, re-naming the document using the permit number, applicant name or address, and/or other pertinent information
  4. Using your computer keyboard, fill-in all applicable fields; use the TAB key to navigate through the document
  5. Click ‘Save’
  6. Print

Engineered System Application HHE-220 Form

Statement of Compliance for Engineered Systems HHE-220A Form

Product Registration HHE-221 Form

Local Plumbing Inspector Appointment HHE-FL5 Form

New Vendor & Vendor Update Form to be completed to be added to Advantage ME. This is intended primarily for use by municipalities. For more information contact James Willis, Office Associate II.

MS Excel Files

Voluntary Septic System Inspection Form (Each tab in the spreadsheet comprises one page of the report.)

Water Use Records Percentile Calculator Spreadsheet

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