About the Subsurface Wastewater Unit


Address and Contact Information

Maine CDC Drinking Water Program
Subsurface Wastewater Unit

286 Water Street, 3rd Floor
State House Station 11
Augusta, ME  04333-0011
Email: Subsurface.Wastewater@maine.gov
Phone: (207) 287-2070 • TTY: Maine Relay 711 • Fax: (207) 287-4172

About Us

The Subsurface Wastewater Unit’s primary responsibility is the protection of public health by ensuring subsurface wastewater disposal systems meet the requirements set forth in State and federal rules and statutes.

  • Administer rules pertaining to subsurface waste water disposal in Maine:
    • State of Maine Subsurface Wastwewater Disposal Rules (CMR 241),
    • Rules for Appointment and Administration of Local Plumbing Inspectors (CMR 240), and
    • Rules for Site Evaluators of Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Systems (CMR 245).
  • Maintain copies of all plumbing and subsurface waste water permits issued statewide.
  • License site evaluators for subsurface waste water disposal systems pursuant to CMR 245.
  • Provide reviews of engineering plans for compliance with or variance from departmental rules in support of the Division's various program areas.
  • Provide resources and advice for partnering government agencies, including:
  • Conduct site inspections to assist site evaluators, local officials, and property owners. 
  • Administer a voluntary subsurface waste water disposal system installers certification program, in association with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Review and approve cemeteries, crematoria, crypts, and mausoleums.


Subsurface Wastewater Unit Staff

Alex Pugh, Team Leader – Senior Environmental Hydrogoeolgist

  • Email
  • Phone (207) 592-2086
  • Reviews large-scale subsurface wastewater disposal system plans, oversees the day-to-day operation of the Team.

Brent Lawson – State Site Evaluator, Plumbing Inspector

  • Email
  • Phone (207) 592-7376
  • Provides administrative and on-site assistance to Site Evaluators, Local Plumbing Inspectors, contractors and the general public; oversees licensing of Site Evaluators and provides guidance and interpretation of the Maine State Plumbing Code and Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Rules.

Elizabeth Pellegrino – Environmental Analyst

  • Email
  • Phone (207) 287-5681
  • Oversees the processing, review, and storage of Internal Plumbing and SSWW permit applications (and associated fees) submitted to the State; provides resources and advice to municipal offices.

Updated 9/25/2023