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Frequently Asked Questions

Funding for Septic Systems

Ten Tips for Systems

Cemeteries and Crematoria


Public Swimming Pools

2001 DHS & DEP Programs Review

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AutoCAD Files

HHE-200 Form, page 1

HHE-200 Form, page 2 (grid)

HHE-200 Form, page 2 (no grid)

HHE-200 Form Page 2 with extra soil logs

HHE-200 Form, page 3 (grid)

HHE-200 Form, page 3 (no grid)

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MS Word Files

Registration Form for Public Swimming Pools and Spas HHE-23

Replacement System Variance Request Form HHE-204 Form

First Time System Variance Request Form HHE-215 Form

Application for Engineered Onsite Sewage Disposal System HHE-220 Form

Statement of Compliance for Engineered Systems HHE-220a Form

Product Registration HHE-221 Form

Holding Tank Application HHE-233 Form

Minimum Lot Size Law Waiver Application HHE-236

Statement of Rule Compliance HHE-238A

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Adobe PDF Files

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HHE-200 Form, Fillable, Page 1

HHE-200 Form, Page 1

HHE-200 Form, Page 2

HHE-200 Form, Page 2 with extra soil logs

HHE-200 Form, Page 3

Internal Plumbing Permit Application HHE-211

Notice of Intent to Install a Subsurface Wastewater Disposal System...Expanded Structure HHE-234

Notice of Intent to Install a Subsurface Wastewater Disposal System...Replacement System HHE-234A

Notice of Intent to Install a Subsurface Wastewater Disposal System in the Shoreland Zone HHE-234B

Notice of Intent to Install a Subsurface Wastewater Disposal System Outside the Shoreland Zone HHE-234-C

Well Setback Release Form HHE-306

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MS Excel Files

Voluntary System Inspection Form HHE-240 Form

Water Use Records Percentile Calculator Spreadsheet


Related Sites

Centre for Water Resources Studies, Dalhousie University

Maine Association of Site Evaluators (MASE) 

Maine Municipal Association

Maine Plumbers Examining Board

National Small Flows Clearinghouse

New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission

The Septic Snooper (excellent site for home owners) 

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Products and Services

Amphidrome advanced wastewater treatment system

Big Dipper automatic grease and oil removal systems

Bio-Microbics, FAST System, advanced wastewater treatment system

Eljen In-Drains, gravel-less 'beds" using cuspated block technology

GAG SIM/TECH effluent filter

Gagne Precast septic tanks, concrete chambers, infiltrators

Gagne & Son precast products

GeoFlow, Inc. various onsite disposal system products

Infiltrator plastic effluent disposal chambers

Norweco, Inc. Advanced wastewater treatment systems and chemicals

Orenco Systems Inc., various onsite disposal system products

OxyPro advanced wastewater treatment system

Presby Environmental, Inc., various onsite disposal system products

Septi-Chip 2-inch Nominal Tire Chip Aggregate

SeptiTech advanced wastewater treatment system

WASTECH microwave based advanced wastewater treatment system

Zabel Environmental Technology, various effluent filters

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List of Practicing Site Evaluators

List of Local Plumbing Inspectors

List of Certified System Installers

List of Approved Products

List of Certified Septic System Inspectors

List of Registered Public Pools and Spas

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Prior Codes

1920 (PDF)

1926 (PDF)

1934 (summary)

1937 (summary)

1940 (summary)

1946 (summary)

1948 (summary)

1955 (summary)

1960 (summary)

1962 (summary)

1964 (summary)

1966 (summary)

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1982 (summary)

1987 (summary)

1997 (summary)

1999 (summary)

2009 (summary)

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Online Rules

Department of Health and Human Services Rules

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Online Services

Record Search Form

Water Records Spreadsheet

Map and Directions


Policy Statement on Distance from Replacement System to Abutter’s Well

Replacement of Existing Licensed Overboard Discharges with Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Systems

Policy Regarding Food Establishments Transferring Licensure from Department of Agriculture to Department of Human Services

Policy Regarding Replacement System Variances in Close Proximity to Waterbodies/Courses and/or Wells

Policy Regarding Design Flow Reductions

Policy Regarding Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Systems for Home Occupations: Home Food Manufacturing of Shellfish Products

Policy Regarding Status of Replacement Systems

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1998 Peat System Assessment

DHE/MDEP Memorandum of Agreement

Disposal Field Design Theory

Enforcement Manual

NO3 Analysis Guide

Numerical System for Site Evaluations 

Old Codes Requirements

Site Evaluation Manual

Technical Supplement

Terra Lift Conditional Approval

Wastewater Mounding Impact Guide

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3rd Annual Septic Conference

Site Evaluator Training

Oakson, Inc. Training Announced

MASE Annual Meeting Announced

2011 Training PowerPoints

2010 Training PowerPoints

2009 Training PowerPoints

2009 Field Exam Review

2008 Field Exam Review

2008 Training PowerPoints

2007 Site Evaluator Field Exam

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