Subsurface Wastewater Team
Public Swimming Pool and Spa Registration

All public swimming pools must be registered with the Division of Environmental and Community Health, including those associated with day care facilities.

When submitting an application for review of a public swimming pool to the Division of Environmental and Community Health, the applicant and/or designer must include the following for a complete application:

  1. A completed Department of Health and Human Services Swimming Pool Registration Form.

  2. Plan(s) of the pool showing depths, area, piping, and safety features, complying with the National Spa and Pool Institute’s Minimum Standards for Public Swimming Pools.

  3. Plans and/or manufacturer’s specifications for pumps and filtering equipment.

  4. A complete HHE-200 (Subsurface Wastewater Disposal System Application) if a separate building for showers and/or toilets are associated with the pool or spa OR if the pool backwash discharges to a subsurface system. For existing systems installed after 1974, check with your Town Office, or apply for a record search. Systems older than 1974 have no records, and a new design is necessary.

  5. A review fee of $15.00 is required. A check or money order made payable to the “Treasurer of State” needs to be submitted.

Upon receipt of all of the above, we will review your request. Please allow a minimum of 30 working days for the review. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

For technical questions regarding pool sanitation and maintenance, please call the Health Inspection Program at (207) 287-5671.

Public Swimmimg Pool Rules CMR_202

Registration Form for Public Swimming Pools and Spas HHE-23

American National Standards for Public Swimming Pools (requires membership)
ANSI/NSPI-1 2003