Sean McDonough, RN, BSN, CPT/Army/Retired

Sean McDonoughJob Title: Owner/Operator
Business: Pawsitive Dognosis, LLC
Seat Held on Workgroup: Patient Representative

Biography: Born and raised in Maine, Sean McDonough is a graduate from Richmond High School and St. Joseph's College. He early career began focusing on the medical field with experience as a United States Navy Corpsman, United States Army Registered Nurse, and civilian Registered Nurse. Sean has clinical, research, and leadership experience within the medical industry.

After severe injuries in 2008 while serving in the Army, Sean found himself in a bad place due to prescription medications prescribed to him by the Department of Veterans Affairs. He returned home to Maine to retire, found a knowledgeable caregiver, and began micro dosing with cannabis.

He now owns and operates Pawsitive Dognosis, LLC, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people interested in obtaining a service dogs.

Reason Applying for Workgroup: Sean credits the respectful help of a caregiver with being able to end all harsh medications and to witnessing a noticeable improvement in his quality of life.