John Black

John BlackJob Title: CEO
Business: Earth Keeper Cannabis, LLC
Seat Held on Workgroup: Caregiver Representative

Biography: John Black was born and raised in Wilton, Maine on a family farm.  He earned his degree in Plant and Soil Science from SMCC (Southern Maine Community College) and continued his horticultural studies at the University of Maine at Orono.

Black went on to graduate from the Maine Police Academy and served the Franklin County area as a Patrol Deputy, all while running his own business on the side, Rocky Hill Landscaping & Nursery.  For the past 26 years Black worked hard to grow his business that eventually led into cannabis cultivation, worm farming and manufacturing his own living soil line targeted towards organic cannabis growers.  He was one of the Directors of the Legalize Maine team, a board member for Mofga’s MC3 program and previously served as a Selectman for the Town of Wilton.

Black’s facility is one of the few operations that continually earn its Clean Cannabis certification.  He runs a small medical retail shop on the same site, providing quality and safe cannabis products to his patients.

Membership in Trade and/or Civic Organizations: Advisory Board Member for Hemp & Cannabis, Maine Farm Bureau

Reason Applying for Workgroup: I applied to be part of this workgroup because I have an absolute interest in the sustainability of the cannabis industry and the regulations that rule over it. I have experience working with groups of people to make decisions that benefit small farmers, the cannabis community as a whole and our state.