Caregiver Online Application Instructions

To assist applicants in the completion of the caregiver registry identification card online application process, the Office of Cannabis Policy (OCP) is providing the following instructions of what to expect in the application process. If you have additional questions, contact the Office of Cannabis Policy at

Information to Have Before Starting

  1. If the applicant has had a prior license in the Maine Medical Use of Cannabis Program, including a prior caregiver registration, a caregiver assistant registration, or a dispensary registration, have that registration number and the access number available.

* If applicant does not have their registration number or access code, they can call OCP or email

  1. The applicant’s Maine Revenue Services Registration Certificate number (Retailer and/or Resaler).
  1. An electronic copy of the applicant’s State issued photographic identification issued by the state in which they currently reside.
  1. If applicable to your caregiver activities: pesticide applicator license, commercial food processor license, retail food establishment license, beverage plant license, and business organization documents.
  1. Determine the date (within the past 24 months) of your last background by OCP for the Maine Medical Use of Cannabis of Program. If you cannot recall, call OCP or email   *Please note that we cannot use a background check done for an adult use individual identification card for a medical use registration background check.
  1. If the applicant intends to operate a caregiver retail store, obtain proof of local authorization from the municipality where such store will be located.
  2. An electronic 2x2 photo with a clear image of your face. Do not use filters commonly used on social media. Do not digitally change your photo. Have someone else take your photo. Use plain white or off-white background. A high-resolution photo that is not blurry, grainy, or pixelated.

Online Application Steps

Step 1

The “Online” link will redirect the applicant to the Regulatory Licensing & Permitting online portal. Choose “MEDICAL CANNABIS PGM” as the Regulator.

Step 2

From the Main Menu choose “Individuals”.

Step 3

Applicants will have the option to “Apply for an Individual Caregiver Registration” or “Renew an Individual Caregiver Registration.”

*Please Note: If your caregiver registration as passed its expiration date, choose “Apply for an Individual Caregiver Registration”, you can only use the renewal option if your card is currently still active.

The “Upload Outstanding Application Documents” will allow the applicant to upload any documents that were not present during the application process at a later time.

Step 4

Applications will be asked if they have ever held any type of license in the medical program, this includes a prior caregiver registration, a caregiver assistant registration or dispensary assistant registration. Answering this correctly will link your new application to your existing profile in OCP’s system and make processing your application much faster.

Step 5

Provide the applicant’s personal information: name, date of birth and social security number.

Step 6

The applicant reads the application instructions in their entirety.

Step 7

The applicant adds any previous names they have ever gone by.

Step 8

The applicant provides State issued photographic id information and a unique Maine Revenue Services Registration Certificate number (Retailer and/or Resaler).

Step 9

The applicant provides their personal contact information including addresses, personal phone number, and personal email address.

*Continue to add additional addresses until all applicable addresses are provided, including:

  • Mailing Address
  • Street Location (this is the applicant’s current personal residential address and five years of prior addresses, if different)
  • Grow Location (up to two, there may be separate locations for mature plans and immature plants)
  • Manufacturing Location
  • Retail Location
  • Wholesale Storage Location  

Step 10

The applicant provides the name and address of the property owner of each property, as well as any “Doing Business As Name” the applicant may use.

Step 11

The applicant will indicate which authorized activities will be engaged in. If cultivating, the applicant will choose a cultivation level.

*Please select all activities in which caregiver will engage, for example, if selecting “Standard caregiver cultivation activities”, also indicate which activity or activities best describes what happens to harvested cannabis.

*Please note the “No authorization to grow/sell Medical Cannabis” is the option to choose for long-term care facilities and schools assisting a qualified patient pursuant to Title 22 § 24 or 23-A(1)(F-1)(2) and (4) only.

Step 12

The applicant will indicate if ever convicted of a violation of a state or federal controlled substance law.

Step 13

The applicant will upload a copy of a State issued photographic id and, if applicable to your caregiver activities: scale certification(s), pesticide applicator license, commercial or home food establishment license, retail food establishment license, beverage plant license, and business organization documents.

Step 14

The applicant will read and attest to several Maine Medical Use of Cannabis Program qualifying statements.

Step 15

The applicant will indicate if OCP has completed a background check in the past 24 months.

*Please note, if you cannot remember the date of your last background check, please call OCP to check, as answering this question incorrectly can delay the processing of your application.

Step 16

The applicant reviews and attests and agrees to the information submitted in the application.

After Submission Processing

          1. After submission the applicant will receive a confirmation email at the email address provided in during the application process.

  1.           a. If the applicant indicated it has been over 24 months since the last background check, there will be an application fee notice attached for                the $31.00 background check fee. You must submit this fee for your application to continue moving forward through the process.
  3. 2. An Office Specialist at OCP will review the submitted application materials and reach out to the applicant for clarification or missing documentation, if necessary.
  5. 3. Once application is deemed complete, the applicant will receive an email stating as such with an Application Fee Notice attached for the licensing fee.
  7. 4. A Licensing Analyst will review the complete application for compliance with the Maine Medical Use of Cannabis statutes and rules.
  9. 5. Upon approve by the Licensing Analyst and payment of the licensing fee, the caregiver registry identification card will be issued, printed and mailed to the caregiver.