Instructions - Research and Development Sample Transfer Manifest

The Research and Development Sample Transfer Manifest form is intended to document the transfer of research and development (R&D) samples between cultivation, manufacturing, or retail licensees and testing facilities operating in the AUMP.

Since manifests generated by the state’s inventory tracking system, Metrc, cannot be utilized for R&D transfers, OCP has developed a Research and Development Transfer Manifest in response to inquiries from licensees requesting guidance on how to properly document the transfer and shipment of R&D samples to licensed testing facilities.

By creating this new form—which is separate and distinct from Medical Use of Cannabis Program trip tickets—we hope to provide clear direction to licensees. We also hope to prevent any inconvenience and delays resulting from R&D samples being placed in a failed test status due to their inadvertent submission for mandatory testing through Metrc.

When submitting R&D samples for analysis at a testing facility, they should be recorded in Metrc as a package adjustment and a notation made that the weight adjustment is for the purposes of R&D testing. No Metrc tag is assigned and no Metrc manifest is created. Forms should be retained consistent with all other business records. They may be stored electronically by the licensee.

This form must accompany the cannabis R&D sample. One copy of the Research and Development Transfer Manifest is retained by the transferring licensee and one copy is retained by the receiving testing facility.

All other transfers must be completed using Maine’s inventory tracking system.