The Maine Medical Use Marijuana Program exists to ensure and facilitate an efficient, responsible and legal medical marijuana environment within the State of Maine. The program safeguards confidentiality to all participants and assures access to safe and reliable medicine. It provides compliance oversight, processes, guidelines and support to registered participants involved in the cultivation, processing and selling of medical marijuana and products containing it.


Letter to registered participants regarding card changes:

If a DBA/business name is provided, it will appear on 
the card as well as the individual caregivers name.
 Plant count authorization on card is as follows:  
 $240   6 mature/12 immature plants and/or harvested 
 $480  12 mature/24 immature plants and/or harvested 
 $720  18 mature/36 immature plants and/or harvested
 $960  24 mature/48 immature plants and/or harvested 
 $1200 30 mature/60 immature plants and/or harvested

New office location as of May 2, 2019

Medical Marijuana Program, Office of Marijuana Policy

Physical address:
32 Blossom Lane
Marquardt Building, 3rd Floor
Augusta, ME 04330

Door D1, side of building across from Deering Building

Phone and contact information in the lobby, 3rd floor

Mailing address:
Maine Medical Marijuana Program
State House Station #162
Augusta, ME 04333-0162


Staff are available for walk-ins on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 9 to noon.
All other times will be by appointment only. 
Staff can be reached at (207)  287-3282 or 287-9330.

Rules & Statutes

MMMP Regulations

Medical Marijuana out of state visiting patients