Ordering Instructions - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I place an order online?     Back

No. Secure online ordering is not currently available. You can search for maps and publications online, view maps online, and complete an order form online.

Q2. Do you accept credit cards?     Back

Yes. VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted.

Q3. Is there a shipping charge?     Back

Yes. For details, see our Payment Policy

Q4. What if I recieve a damaged map or the wrong map?     Back

We make every effort to ensure quality packing, but we are not responsible for damage incurred during shipping. If you receive an incorrect map, please contact us to arrange for a replacement.

Q5. Can I get a map laminated or framed?     Back

No. We do not offer these services. Normally maps are mailed folded for convenience of handling and use. If you would like a map for display, let us know and we can send it rolled in a mailing tube.

Q6. Do you offer a volume discount?     Back

Not for most items. For a few special publications we do offer a wholesale discount price. Discounts are available on the following items: B-38, The Geology of Mount Desert Island; Mineralogy of Maine, Volume 1; Mineralogy of Maine, Volume 2; Maine's Fossil Record; and Bulletin 43, A Guide to the Geology of Baxter State Park and Katahdin. On these publications, we offer a 20% discount on orders totalling $400 or more for any individual publication. Mix-and-match discount orders are not accepted. Contact us for more information.

Q7. Why are your prices so low?     Back

Our prices are calculated to cover only the cost of printing, production, and distribution. As a State agency, we are not allowed to make a profit on what is public information.

Q8. Why don't you have detailed maps for the whole state?     Back

Geologic mapping is a long-term ongoing process. Limited resources only allow us to map a small number of new quadrangles each year. Use the Maps and Publications Search to see areas that have been mapped.

Q9. Are all of your publications available in digital format?     Back

No. Digital data is available for significant sand and gravel aquifer maps, surficial materials maps, coastal bluff maps, coastal landslide hazards maps, and detailed surficial geology maps. Work is underway to make data available for recent bedrock geology maps. Visit our Maps, Publications and Online Data page for instructions on how to download available data.

Q10. How do I get out-of-print or superseded publications?     Back

Out-of-print publications may be examined at the office of the Maine Geological Survey in Augusta. Many of these publications are also available for inspection at colleges and large community libraries in the state.

Q11. Can I order a custom map?     Back

No. We do not provide custom map services.

Q12. How do I find which topographic maps cover a region?     Back

Use the Maps and Publications Search Map Search to find the quadrangle:

Q13. How do I buy air photos?     Back

Air photos are not for sale from the Maine Geological Survey. Consult our Aerial Photographs of Maine for sources of photography.

Q14. Will your plotted maps fade over time?     Back

No. The ink used on our large-format inkjet plotters is light-fast. It should be noted, however, that the maps are not water-resistant and the inks will run when wet.

Last updated on January 30, 2017