Online Educational Materials

Virtual Tour of Maine Geology

  • Choose a subject and experience a photographic tour of Maine's geology.

Explore Maine Geology

  • Choose a subject to Explore Maine Geology Each subject contains links to frequently asked questions, geologic fact sheets, online maps and reports, and links to related topics.

Maps and Publications

  • A growing number of Maine Geological Survey Maps and Publications are now available online. These maps provide a wealth of information that can be used in the classroom. Consult Using geologic maps for ideas on how to use our information. A variety of classroom activities could be structured around the online maps.
  • Online generalized maps
  • State of Maine wall maps - these maps may be purchased through the MGS publications search page.
    • Bedrock Geologic Map of Maine, scale 1:500,000, edited by P.H. Osberg, A.M. Hussey II, and G.M. Boone, 1985. A 42" x 58" color wall map showing the bedrock geology of Maine. Ages of rocks in color, lithologies differentiated by patterns, inset map of tectonic features, map of metamorphic zones, correlation chart, and extensive reference list.
    • Surficial Geologic Map of Maine, scale 1:500,000, edited by W.B. Thompson and H.W. Borns, Jr., 1985. A 42" x 52" color wall map showing the surficial geology of Maine. Includes sites of special interest, radiocarbon-dated sites, reference list, correlation chart, and inset map of inferred extent of ice cover during deglaciation.

Lesson Plans

  • The Curriculum Resources for Earth Science Teachers Activity Book contains 51 lesson plans covering a wide range of geologic subjects.

Videos for Teachers

Bibliography of Maine Geology

  • Bibliography of Maine Geology - For those interested in more in-depth research, the Bibliography of Maine Geology contains more than 12,000 references related to Maine geology. The Bibliography is part of our publications search site and the results displayed will have links to online Maine Geological Survey maps and publications.

Educational Materials at the MGS Office

  • Geologic Reference Library - Our geologic library contains a variety of information about the geology of Maine. Published information from state, federal, and private agencies has been collected and cataloged. The library also contains a wide range of open-file and unpublished maps, progress reports, theses, dissertations, and recent geologic journals. The library is for reference only; material cannot be signed out.
  • Maine Mineral Collection - A display and reference collection of rocks and minerals is open to the public during office hours. The rock and mineral collection contains specimens from localities in Maine and elsewhere in the country.
  • Collections of Maine Rocks and Minerals - Several collections of Maine rocks and minerals are available for loan to Maine teachers for periods up to a month. Each collection contains large specimens of 20 rocks and 20 minerals along with a study guide which describes each sample. Because of the size and weight of the collection, it is necessary to pick it up in person and have it signed out to you at our office, and bring the collection back to the Maine Geological Survey when done. Since there are only a few kits, please call first (207-287-2801) to inquire about availability and schedule a pick-up time.

Additional Educational Resources

  • American Geological Institute
  • California State University - Virtual Courseware - online activities related to earthquakes, global warming, hydrology, and geologic dating.
  • Geological Society of America - Education and Teacher Resources - K-12 lesson plans and resources.
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NeMO Explorer - virtual tour at the New Millennium Observatory, a seafloor observatory at an active underwater volcano.
  • National Park Service
  • National Ground Water Association - Educator Resources - water-related classroom materials, lesson plans, and other reference tools.
  • Online Education Database - Geology for Kids - links to lesson plans and resources related to soil, rocks and minerals, volcanos, erosion, and the structure of planet Earth.
  • Rock Detective - A non-profit organization that sells classroom kits containing earth science mysteries for students to solve. Website also has a list of other earth science education resources.
  • University of California at Berkeley - Learning from the Fossil Record - book originally published by the Paleontological Society. Includes a collection of classroom activities keyed to national science content standards.
  • U.S. Geological Survey
    • Ask USGS - USGS Earth Science Information Center
    • Educational Resources - highlights USGS geologic information helpful for the public, educators, students, scientists, businesses, and government agencies.
    • Schoolyard Geology - This website is filled with activities and examples of what to look for to turn your schoolyard into a rich geologic experience.
    • Tapestry of Time and Terrain - unites the geology and topography of the United States. Includes descriptions of major geologic and topographic features and an explanation of the geologic time periods.

Last updated on February 13, 2015