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Activities and Resources for Earth Science Teachers

The original printed version of this activity book was published in 1991 and was edited by Duane L. Leavitt.


Activity Number Topic Area
Resource Scavenger Hunt1Economic Geology
The Use of a Piece of Land2Environmental Geology
Ground Water and Development Siting3Hydrogeology
Water, Water, Everywhere; and not a Drop to Drink!4Hydrogeology
A Percolation Revelation5Hydrogeology
Topographic Maps I6Map Reading
Topographic Maps II7Map Reading
Topographic Maps III: Back Azimuths and Triangulation8Map Reading
Surficial Geologic Map of Maine9Surficial Geology
Bedrock Geologic Map of Maine10Bedrock Geology
Aquifer Maps and Maine Ground Water11Hydrogeology
How Did It Get Here?12Geologic Concepts
Mechanical Weathering13Bedrock Geology
A Simulated Metamorphic Process14Bedrock Geology
Using a Stream Table to Investigate Erosion Control15Environmental Geology
The Formation of Iron Sulfide - Pyrrhotite16Minerals
Creating a Crystal Forest17Minerals
Crystal Growth by Evaporation18Minerals
The Density of Minerals19Minerals
Testing the Hardness of Common Minerals20Minerals
Cleavage and Fracture21Minerals
Covellite or Chalcocite???22Minerals
Igneous Rock Identification23Bedrock Geology
Sawing a Local Bedrock Specimen24Bedrock Geology
Metamorphic Rock Identification25Bedrock Geology
An Indoor Fossil/Archeological Dig26Fossils
A Fossil Hunt Tells the Age of Sediments27Fossils
Soil Sampling Techniques and Data Sheet28Surficial Geology
Constructing a Set of Soil Sieves29Surficial Geology
Composition of Topsoil30Surficial Geology
Determining a Soil's Textural Classification31Surficial Geology
The Percolation Rate of a Soil32Hydrogeology
Soil Horizons33Surficial Geology
Water Testing and Analysis by the United States Geological Survey34Hydrogeology
A Measure of Maine's Water in a Typical Year35Hydrogeology
The Varying Density of Sea Water37Marine Geology
A Magnet as a Magnetometer38Geophysics
Field Use of a Magnetometer39Geophysics
The Scoop on Slope (y=mx + b)40Map Reading
Slope Stability41Environmental Geology
Single-Channel Seismic Graphing42Hydrogeology
Additional Sources of Supplies, References, and Media43Appendixes
Soil and Water Conservation Districts & Offices in Maine44Appendixes
On the Care, Use, and Value of Collections45Appendixes
Field Guides and Maps46Appendixes
Plans for the Construction of Selected Lab Equipment47Appendixes

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