Mining and Quarrying in Maine

Virtual Tour

  • Our virtual tour is a series of photos which portray some of the history and types of Maine mining and quarrying.

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Geologic Information

  • Metallic Mineral Deposits of Maine (map)
    • Known occurrences of metallic minerals shown on a generalized geologic map of Maine. Locations of ten "significant" deposits also shown. For more information, see Maine's Mineral Resources database.
  • Maine's Mineral Resources (database and interactive map)
    • Comprehensive information about metallic and non-metallic mineral resources compiled for sites in Maine, including occurrences, showings, prospects, significant deposits, and historical mines available in an interactive map and as a CSV file for download. Includes town, reported commodities, site characteristics, and source information for each locality.
  • Core Repository and Mineral Exploration Data
    • The Maine Geological Survey maintains a repository of rock core obtained by diamond drilling for mineral exploration projects over many years. In addition to the physical rock core that have been donated to the Maine Survey, there are associated paper records, which include such things as maps of drill core locations, technical logs of drill core, and a limited amount of geochemical and geophysical information and geologic reports.
  • Historical Mining Claims and Active Exploration Claims (interactive map)
    • Historical mining and active exploration claims locations and links to supporting claim maps and exploration files.
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Fact Sheets

Mining in Maine - Regulations

Geological Society of Maine Metallic Minerals Conference 2012

Stone Quarrying

Maine State Minerals Information

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