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The Maine Geological Survey (MGS) has produced reports, maps, and web pages for over half a century, continually expanding the knowledge, detail, and sophistication of Maine geology. In addition, geologic information about Maine has been reported by geologists through a variety of publications since the early 1800's, including work by amateurs, professionals, and academics. The MGS Bibliography of Maine Geology incorporates all these sources of geologic information in one place, searchable by either a table-based or map-based search. MGS currently has over 4,000 items for sale, most of which are available for free online viewing or download. The Bibliography has over 14,000 entries.

To obtain maps and publications currently available from the Maine Geological Survey, a Publications Order Form (PDF 0.5MB) may be completed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, then emailed, or printed and mailed, or printed and faxed to the Maine Geological Survey with payment following the ordering instructions. Secure online ordering for most of our products is not available at this time.

The MGS Bibliography of Maine Geology was begun by Prof. Arthur M. Hussey of Bowdoin College who compiled an annotated list of references through library research and first-hand knowledge in the 1970's. The MGS Bibliography was converted to electronic format by Robert D. Tucker of the Maine Geological Survey in the 1990's, and updated through the 2010's by incorporating relevant citations through the GeoRef searchable database, a comprehensive geoscience database maintained by the American Geosciences Institute. Users are referred to GeoRef to search for additional publications outside Maine, or for recent non-MGS publications since 2012. While the MGS Bibliography is intentionally limited in breadth, it is superior to GeoRef in its depth concerning Maine geology.

Table-based Search

The Table-based Search includes all current MGS maps and publications, as well as all entries in the MGS Bibliography of Maine Geology. To search the table first, select the desired type of publication availability from the drop-down box, using these categories below:

  • For sale - Items that can be purchased in printed form from MGS following the ordering instructions.
  • Free PDF - Items in PDF format that can be viewed or downloaded for free from the MGS or partner web sites.
  • MGS Library - Printed items kept in the MGS in-house library that can be used by visiting the office. This collection does not circulate.
  • MGS Digital Library - Digital versions of selected items on Maine Geology not produced by MGS or items produced by MGS that are of historical value. These items can be viewed by visiting the office.
  • For reference - MGS does not have printed or digital copies of these items. Citations from the MGS Bibliography of Maine Geology are listed for research purposes only.

Then use the Search box to type in any portion of the subject, title, author and/or publication code. The search boxes at the bottom of the table can be used to filter data in that single column. To search for terms enclose the search string in quotes. Note that many publications are available in more than one format.

Citation Publication No. Associated Report/Map Price Availability Keywords
Citation Publication No. Associated Report/Map Price Availability Keywords

Map-based Search

The Map-based Search allows you to search for geologic maps and publications by geographic area and subject. Note that not all publications have a mapped extent so not all publications will show in the map. For a complete list of publications use the Table-based Search. In the map window, use the layers icon layers icon in the upper right corner to turn on or off the subject layer(s) you are interested in searching for and then click a location on the map to get a list of publications that include that location. The pop-up window generated by clicking on the map will show 1 of X in the upper left if more than one publication exists in the area. Scroll through the list by using the left and right arrows in the upper right of the pop-up window.

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