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What are bedrock ground-water resources?

Subsurface water that fills the spaces between particles of rock and soil, or in fractures in solid rock, is called ground water. An aquifer is a subsurface water supply which yields useful quantities of ground water to wells and springs. There are two types of aquifers in Maine: surficial materials and fractured bedrock. Maine's bedrock has been metamorphosed and recrystallized, and the original porosity between mineral grains has been eliminated. In a bedrock aquifer, ground water is stored in fractures in the rock, and areas with a large number of fractures may contain significant amounts of water. Fractures are sufficiently abundant to provide enough water for a single-family home most everywhere in Maine, and most self-supplied domestic water supplies are wells drilled in bedrock.

Bedrock Ground-Water Resources Basic Data Maps

This series of maps presents basic information collected from well drillers by the bedrock ground water resource program. The maps are based on 30 x 60-minute quadrangles covering the state and the scale varies from 1:125,000 to 1:150,000. For each quadrangle, three maps are available which show (1) bedrock well yields, (2) well depths, and (3) estimated thickness of surficial materials (overburden).

Uses of bedrock ground-water resources information

The information portrayed on these maps may be used for ground-water resource exploration and development, and by agencies involved in ground water protection and ground water remediation efforts, development permit review, and planning efforts.

How to obtain or view these maps

Use the Maps and Publications Search to identify printed and online publications available from the Maine Geological Survey. You can search for maps and publications by geographic area or subject. Search results are linked to online publications. To order printed materials see the ordering instructions.

Use our online bedrock ground water resource maps list to link directly to the available maps.

Last updated on February 29, 2016