Woodland owners - Would you like to meet with a Maine Forest Service District Forester and get professional advice?

Schedule a FREE woodland meeting with a Maine Forest Service District Forester.

Meeting with one of our 10 District Foresters is a great way for woodland owners to get advice about their property. After discussing with you what you most value about your woodlands, now and in the future, we can suggest a course of action that moves you toward achieving those goals. We want to help you make the right choices for your woodland. And our advice is FREE.

Maine Forest Service District Foresters provide direct technical assistance to woodland owners by meeting with landowners at the property, answering questions, walking the property with the landowners(s), suggesting possible activities or next steps, and helping landowners find additional information or assistance. MFS District Foresters generally schedule 2 or more hours per visit, depending on the size of the woodlot. Please note that each of our 10 District Foresters covers a large area and has multiple responsibilities, and requests will be scheduled based on time and availability.

NOTE: These requests are for landowner assistance only. If you have a complaint about unauthorized activity on your property, or a concern about another property, please call the nearest MFS Regional office – Southern Region (Augusta): 624-3700; Central Region (Old Town): 827-1800; Northern Region (Ashland): 435-7963. Your call will be directed to the Regional Enforcement Coordinator or the District Ranger.

If you are not comfortable sharing your contact info. with us, but would still like to meet with a district forester, visit our Maine Forest Service District Forester page to find the district forester in your area, and their contact information.

Request a visit from a Maine Forest Service District Forester

(please allow at least 2-4 weeks lead time. Requests will be honored as District Forester schedules permit)

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This is a service of the Maine Forest Service, Forest Policy and Management Division

Landowner information (for ownerships less than 1,000 acres) will be kept confidential by MFS, as required by law.