Retzlaff, Kay ( - )

Genre: Non-Fiction - Scholarly

Kay Retzlaff was born and raised in Nebraska and received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Nebraska. She is an associate professor of English at University College, Bangor -- a campus of the University of Maine at Augusta. She lives in Winterport, ME.

She originally moved to Belfast, ME in the 1980's, but spent ten years in Washington D. C. only moving back to Maine in 1993.

She earned her PhD at the University of Maine in 2004 and teaches composition, professional writing, mythology, women's studies and American Literature. She has also taught ESL classes at the Intensive English Institute, as well as classes in the Modern Languages and Classics, and an honors class at the University of Maine.

Her research centers on Celtic studies -- Irish history and mythology.


  • Ireland: It's Myths and Legends (1998)
  • Women of Mythology (1999)
  • Creating the World of the Táin Through the Remscéla : Prologemena [sic] to Reading (Thesis) (2004)