Mulford, Clarence (1883 - 1956)

Genre: General Fiction

Clarence Mulford was born in Streator Illinois in 1883. He worked as a reporter and writer for a monthly magazine called Municipal Journal and Engineer and then worked in civil service until his retirement to Fryeburg ME in 1926.

He wrote his first story in 1904 which won $100 for second place in a contest in Metropolitan magazine. He published a series of short stories in Outing Magazine which he later combined to create his first novel -- The Bar 20.

He was the creator of the western character Hopalong Cassidy and wrote many short stories and novels about the exploits of Cassidy and his companions on the Bar 20 ranch. Hopalong Cassidy became a wildly popular character and several movies, comic books, etc. were created around the character.

Mulford lived and worked in Fryeburg until his death in 1956.

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    Selected Resources

  • Bar-20: The Life of Clarence E. Mulford, Creator of Hopalong Cassidy, With Seven Original Stories Reprinted by Francis M. Nevins (1993)
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Selected Resources