Moore, Anne (1871 - 1961)

Genre: Children's Literature, Non-Fiction - Scholarly

Anne Carroll Moore (born Annie -- she changed her name in her 50's) was born in Limerick, ME. She was educated at Limerick Academy, the Branford Academy for Women in Massachusetts and the Library School at Pratt Institute. She designed the children's library at the Pratt Institute Free Library at the time when the concept of the children's library was in its infancy.

She was recruited to head the newly-established Office of Work with Children at the New York Public Library and became the pioneer in children's librarianship, developing the first children's story hours and borrowing priveleges.

In 1918 she published the first edition of Children's Books suggested as Holiday Gifts, a pamphlet which she published every year after until 1941.

She wrote children's literature reviews for The Horn Book, The Bookman, and The New York Herald Tribune. The Tribune also carried her column "The Three Owls" from 1924-1930.

She retired from NYPL in 1941 and went on to teach at the Graduate School of Library Studies in Berkeley, CA.

She received the Doctor of Letters in 1940 from the University of Maine and in 1955 from the Pratt Institute.

She died in New York City in 1961.

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