Jabar, Cynthia (1958 - )

Genre: Children's Literature, Illustrator

Children's book illustrator Cynthia Jabar divides her time between Peaks Island ME and New York City. She previously lived in Iowa City, IA.

Selected Bibliography

Illustrated for Children

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  • I Love the New Baby at Our House...Most of the Time by Leslie Kimmelman (June 2009)

Illustrated for Older Children

  • The Girls' Guide to Life: How to Take Charge of the Issues that Affect You by Catherine Dee (1997)

Written and Illustrated

  • Party Day! A Birthday Counting Book (1987)
  • Alice Ann Gets Ready for School (1989
  • Bored Blue? Think What You Can Do! (1991)
  • Shimmyshake Earthquake: Don't Forget to Dance Poems (1992)
  • Wow! It Sure is Good to Be You! (2006)