Stover, Candice (1951 - )

Genre: Poetry

Candice Stover, born June 6, 1951, is a Maine native who lives in Somesville on Mount Desert Island, She received a B.A. from Northeastern University in 1974 and a M.S. from Pennsylvania State University in 1976. Stover is currently an adjunct faculty member at the College of the Atlantic and previously taught at Antioch University, the Seattle Academy of the Arts and Sciences, the University of New Hampshire, and Phillips Exeter Academy.

Other poems have been published in The Beloit Poetry Journal, Hope magazine, the Puckerbush Review, and The Christian Science Monitor, among others, as well as in The Other Side of Sorrow: Poets Speak Out About Conflict, War, and Peace (2006) and Sailing Maine (2007). Stover has worked as a reporter for the Boston Globe, has travelled extensively and taught in New Zealand and China, and designs writing workshops.

Selected Bibliography

  • Holding Patterns, won the Maine Chapbook Award in 1994
  • Another Stopping Place (2002), is a collection of travel-inspired poems focusing on the art of paying attention.
  • Walking to Windward,