Martin, Jacqueline (1945 - )

Genre: Children's Literature

Award-winning children's author Jackie Martin was born in Lewiston and grew up in Turner, Maine, where her parents had a dairy farm. She lives in the college town of Mt. Vernon, Iowa, with her husband. They summer in Maine, where she still has family.

She received her B.A. from Wellesley College (1966) and an M.A. in child development (1971) from the University of Minnesota.

Selected Bibliography

  • Bizzy Bones and Uncle Ezra, (1984)
  • Bizzy Bones and Moosemouse, (1986)
  • Bizzy Bones and the Lost Quilt, (1988)
  • The Finest Horse in Town, (1992/2003)
  • Good Times on Grandfather Mountain, (1992)
  • Washing the Willow Tree Loon, (1995)
  • The Second Street Gardens and the Green Truck Almanac, (1995)
  • Grandmother Bryant's Pocket, (1996) (Lupine Award winner)
  • The Green Truck Garden Giveaway: A Neighborhood Story and Almanac, (1997)
  • Higgins Bend Song and Dance, (1997)
  • Button, Bucket, Sky, (1998)
  • Snowflake Bentley, (1998) (Caldecott Medal and Lupine Award winner)
  • The Lamp, the Ice and the Boat Called Fish, (2001)
  • On Sand Island, (2003)
  • The Water Gift and the Pig of the Pig, (2003) (Lupine Award winner)
  • Banjo Granny, (2006)
  • Chicken Joy on Redbean Road: A Bayou Country Romp, (2007)

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