Browne, Charles (1834 - 1867)

Genre: General Fiction, Non-Fiction, Short Stories

Humorist/satirist Browne -- known popularly as Artemus Ward -- was born on April 26, 1834 in Waterford Flat, Maine, but lived most of his short life in Ohio, working as a columnist and writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. All of his writing was published under the name of Artemus Ward. Browne got to know Mark Twain while briefly, at a time when Browne was in his heyday and was able to offer encouragement to fellow-humorist Twain

Browne was the humorist and showman of his day, performing monologues on stage and writing books filled with comical misspellings. He lectured across the U.S. and overseas, dying of tuberculosis in Southampton, England, on Jan. 23, 1867 at the age of 33.

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