McGrail, Sarah (1969 - )

Genre: Children's Literature, Non-Fiction

Sarah Sherman McGrail, who also has written under the name Sarah Sherman Brewer, was born on December 28, 1969 on Southport Island in mid-coast Maine, where she still lives. She has written two local histories of the Boothbay and Southport areas, a children's book, and two anthologies of the works of Maine writers and artists. Her book for children, The Littlest Tugboat, and Harbor Journal, Vol. I and Harbor Journal, Vol. II, were published by her own company, Cozy Harbor Press.

Selected Bibliography

  • Southport, the War Years: An Island Remembers (1996)
  • Heroes Among Us: A History of Boothbay Region's Veterans During the Second World War (1999)
  • The Littlest Tugboat (2005)
  • Harbor Journal, Vol. I: A New Collection of Writing and Images by 37 Imaginative Mainers (2006)
  • Harbor Journal, Vol. II: A Literary Sampler from Over 50 Maine Writers and Artists (2007)