Botelho, Roland (1947 - )

Genre: Children's Literature, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Young Adult

Roland (RJ) Botelho was born (Oct. 12, 1947) and raised in Rhode Island, later moved to Massachusetts, and then to Maine more than 20 years ago. He lives in Perry, Maine with assorted pets in a hand-hewn log cabin surrounded by forest and wildlife.

Botelho completed undergrad work at the University of Rhode Island and at Providence College, studying computer programming and business administration. He also attended Johnson and Wales culinary arts college. He and his wife opened Rolando's restaurant in Eastport, where they lived and worked for ten years. Other jobs have included real estate agent, carpenter, and antiques dealer. He now works as a nutritionist and cook for the local (Perry) school union.

Botelho writes children's fantasy/science fiction stories about a boy with special abilities.

Selected Bibliography

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