Borthwick, J (1923 - )

Genre: Mystery

Borthwick, a pseudonym for Jean Scott Creighton, lives in Thomaston, Maine. She is the author of mystery novels set in Maine featuring professor and amateur sleuth Sarah Deane and love interest Dr. Alex McKenzie.

She has a master's degree, has lectured in English at Indiana University, taught at Maine middle and high schools, and currently teaches a short story course at Coastal Senior College in Thomaston.

Selected Bibliography

  • The Case of the Hook-Billed Kites (1982)
  • The Down East Murders (1985)
  • The Student Body (1986)
  • Bodies of Water (1990)
  • Dude on Arrival (1991)
  • The Bridled Groom (1994)
  • Dolly is Dead (1995/1996)
  • The Garden Plot (1997/1998)
  • My Body Lies Over the Ocean (1999)
  • Coup De Grace (2000)
  • Murder in the Rough (2002)
  • Intensive Scare Unit (2004
  • Foiled Again (2007)