Saum, Karen (1935 - )

Genre: Mystery

Mystery writer Karen Saum, born January 17, 1935, lives in the Belfast area and sets her books in Maine. She is the creator of sleuth Brigid Donovan, a lesbian former nun and writer.

Her mystery novels featuring Brigid Donovan are Murder is Relative, published in 1990 and set in Quebec City, rural Maine, and Manhattan; Murder is Germaine, published in 1991 and set in Maine and the country of Panama; and Murder is Material, published in 1994 and set in Maine.

She's also written I Never Read Thoreau: A Mystery Novel (not part of the Brigid Donovan series) which takes place on small Monte Cassino island off the coast of Maine and involves the smuggling of illegal aliens into Canada.

Selected Bibliography

  • Murder is Relative (1990)
  • Murder is Germaine (1991)
  • Murder is Material (1994)
  • I Never Read Thoreau: A Mystery Novel (1996)