Sargent, Ruth (1920 - )

Genre: Children's Literature, Non-Fiction

Ruth Sargent, a resident of Peaks Island in Casco Bay, began her career as a photo-journalist for the Portland newspapers. She has written more than 125 magazine and newspaper articles and has had 10 books published for both children and adults.

Selected Bibliography

Books for children include:

  • Abbie Burgess: Lighthouse Heroine (1969/1987/1992; with Dorothy Holden Jones)
  • The Littlest Lighthouse (1981; illus. Marion C. Litchfield)
  • The Nautical Alphabet (1984)
  • Always Nine Years Old; Sarah Orne Jewett's Childhood (1985)
  • The Island Merry-Go-Round (1988; illus. Pam DeVito)
  • Five Girls Aboard the Mayflower's Voyage to Freedom (1989)
  • The Tunnel Beneath the Sea (1993; illus. Peter Gorski and Pam DeVito)

Books for adults include:

  • Island Living is Great (1976; a collection of 36 published articles)
  • Gail Laughlin, ERA Advocate (1979)
  • How To Do A "Who Dun It?" (1991)
  • The Casco Bay Islands (compiler, 1995)