Porter, Bernard (1911 - 2004)

Genre: Illustrator, Non-Fiction, Poetry

Bern Porter was born in Maine and graduated from Colby College in 1932. He went on to get an M.S. from Brown University and worked as a physicist on cathrode ray tube technology before WWII; when the war came, Bern was drafted for uranium separation work on the Manhattan Project, a job he quit after the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in Aug. 1945.

From 1944-1948 he and George Leite published the literary magazine Circle 10; Porter also published Henry Miller's anti-war tract, Murder the Murderers, the first U.S. publisher of Miller. He actively promoted and published other writers under Bern Porter Books publishing company, at the same time developing his own art, including poetry, found poetry (founds), sound poetry, performance art, experimental essays, surrealistic photographs, collages, mail art, architectural sketches, and found sculpture. Porter has also worked again as a physicist, on NASA's Saturn V manned space project, all the while working on an integration of science and art, formally developed in his Sciart Mainfesto (1950).

He's also the founder of the Institute for Advanced Thinking, a network of non-academic scholars in various arts.

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Illustrations and Photos

  • Poems Pennyeach (illustrations/ 1927; James Joyce)
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  • Die Fabelhafte Geträume Von Taifun Willi (decor/ 1970; by Dick Higgins)
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  • City with All the Angles: A Radio Play (photos/ 1974; by Dick Higgins).

Selected Resources

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