Pike, Mary (1824 - 1908)

Genre: General Fiction

Mary Green Hayden Pike was born in Eastport, Maine, and went to school in Calais. In 1845 she married Frederick A. Pike, a lawyer from Calais. The Pikes lived in Calais most of their lives, except for eight years in Washington DC (1861-1869) when he was in Congress, and a few years in Europe after that. After her husband died in 1866, Pike moved to Plainfield, NJ. She died in Baltimore, MD in 1908.

She wrote using a couple of different pen names -- Mary Langdon and Sydney A. Story, Jr.

Pike was also a contributor to Atlantic Monthly, Harper's, and Graham's. Later in life, she became a landscape painter.

Selected Bibliography

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  • Caste: A Story of Republican Equality (as Sydney A. Story, Jr.) (1856)
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